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Tiny Pleasures.

I was about to eat an apple today, when I stopped and realized how much I love the first bite of an apple.  What is it about those little things in life that make us so happy?  I then started thinking about all the other tiny pleasures that make life a little bit more brilliant.  

It’s the attention to detail. For that brief second of enjoying something so small and personal that only you love, you are taken away from reality.  Or it can do the exact opposite, and bring you so into the moment that you’ve never felt so present.  

There’s so many of these little joys in life.  The smell after it rains.  The crunch of snow under boots.  Fresh washed sheets.  Hugging someone.  These are all examples of the ways life continues to make us smile everyday, and you should never let them stop making you smile.  

another end to a beautiful day #sunsets

another end to a beautiful day #sunsets